Research Area

Climate change and sustainability

Our work on climate change focuses on anthropocentric climate change and the complex and interconnected challenges that climate change poses to the pursuit of sustainable development. The research under this theme aims to analyse and compare legal and governance structures and approaches for addressing climate change and enhancing sustainable development across national, sub-national, transnational and global contexts.

We are particularly interested in the following:

• Law and governance approaches to climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience
• Legal regulation of energy, technologies and transport;
• Legal requirements for just transition processes to a low-carbon economy
• Climate litigation – current trends, damages, and the role of the judiciary
• Emission trading systems
• Climate obligations in trade and investment law and policy
• Climate justice and corporations
• Climate resilient cities and the role of law
• Cities as key actors for climate governance and sustainable development
• Meeting global commitments for climate change in terms of the SDGs and the 2015 Paris Agreement


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