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Volume 10(1) - 2006



Editorial 2006 (1)


The articles in this issue of Law, Democracy and Development deal with a diverse range of topics, most of which tie in with some of the themes covered in detail in previous volumes of this journal, such as labour law, the prisons system and reconciliation.




Challenges to effective prison governance in South Africa

 Tapscott, Chris 

Chris Tapscott discusses the successes and failures of the prison system in South Africa by investigating the governance of a number of prisons around the country. The article starts by looking at the challenges faced by prisons across the world, such as overcrowding, understaffing, the character of the penal system...


Promoting human rights and achieving reconciliation at the international level (part 1)

 Sarkin, Jeremy and Giulia Dal Co 

Jeremy Sarkin and Giulia Dal Co seek to develop, mainly through historical and international analysis, a model of reconciliation and peace and security between states. This analysis adds to the international discourse on transitional justice that has gained momentum in recent years through the creation of institutions (international and...


Sexual harassment in the workplace: A matter of more questions than answers, or do we simply know less the more we find out?

 Le Roux, Rochelle 

The article analyses two recent judgments dealing with the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. In these cases (heard in the Cape HIgh Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal) a woman successfully sued her employer for not taking adequate action to prevent sexual harassment from taking place.



The exclusion of contractors from government contract awards

 Bolton, Phoebe 

Phoebe Bolton critically analyses South African legislation dealing with the exclusion of contractors from government contract awards because of non-payment of taxes, unsatisfactory contractual performance under a previous contract or fraud or corruption. The author finds that the legislation in general succeeds in giving effect to the principles of...




FORUM CONTRIBUTION: Communications before the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights 1988-2002

 Killander, Magnus 

This article gives an overview of the work of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights with regard to individual communications from its first decision in 1988 until the end of 2002. The African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights was established in 1987 after the entry into...