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Volume 25



Promoting the quality of legal aid in South Africa through better co-ordination of service provision, pgs 1-23

 Dave Holness 

Socio-economically, South Africa is a grossly unequal country. For the indigent there is a clear need for legal aid services to enable meaningful access to the legal system as a mechanism to promote greater social justice. This article proposes mechanisms to meet two aims: to promote high-level free legal service...


The double punch of workplace bullying/harassment leading to depression: Legal and other measures to help South African employers ward off a fatal blow, pgs 24-63

 Dina Maria Smit 

In addition to being cutting-edge, the modern-day workplace is also increasingly cut-throat, having become a breeding ground for interpersonal violence, including bullying and (sexual) harassment. In South Africa, the country’s notorious problem with violence in broader society is perhaps partly to blame. Yet when workplace bullying/harassment intersects with employee depression, ...


COVID-19 and elections in Ethiopia: Exploring constitutional interpretation by the House of the Federation as an exit strategy, pgs 64-89

 Legesse Tigabu Mengie 

Over 60 countries have postponed their elections due to COVID-19. As an election is the primary means by which government power is assumed in constitutional democracies, the postponement of elections has posed this question: what exit mechanisms do constitutional systems have to address a power vacuum caused by unforeseen circumstances...


Failure to recognise a third gender option: Unfair discrimination or justified limitation? pgs 90-120

 Rachel Sloth-Nielsen 

This article seeks to answer the question of whether the State’s failure to recognise a third gender option for transgender non-binary individuals amounts to unfair discrimination or whether this limitation could be justified. After a brief conceptual framework is discussed, the article looks at the right to equality as found...