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current volume 

Volume 26



“Public health emergency declarations” in the Ethiopian federal system: Understanding the scope of state and federal emergency declarations and authorities, pp 1-25

 Yidnekachew Mitiku Mekone 

Infectious agents posing a human security threat have been recorded throughout history. Today, COVID-19 poses a serious human security threat in the world, forcing governments to take extraordinary measures. Extraordinary measures, such as declarations of a state of emergency, basically determine the legal and operational resources available to respond to...


Concurrent national and provincial legislative competence: Rethinking the relationship between nature reserves and national parks, pp 26-47

 Blackmore, Andrew 
 The teleology of concurrent national and provincial legislative competence in South Africa’s Constitution has not been adequately investigated, particularly from the perspective of nature conservation and the establishment of protected areas. It is, therefore, questioned whether the concurrent nature conservation competence awarded to the national sphere of government should be...


The impact of socio-legal inequality on women in the Nigerian domestic work sector, pp 48-83

 Abigail Osiki 
 This article examines the impact of socio-legal inequality on the work conditions of female domestic workers in Nigeria. Domestic work is an important aspect of productive labour and an indispensable factor that contributes to the well-being of households and the economy. However, domestic workers face challenges that are multidimensional and...


Black economic empowerment in South Africa: Is transformation of the management structures of enterprises as essential as it should be? pp 84-105

 Jeannine van de Rheede 
 Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) was launched as an integrated policy initiative to empower black people and redistribute wealth across the spectrum of South Africa’s population. The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003, as amended in 2013, was enacted to correct the imbalances of apartheid and promote transformation of...


Examining the interpretation of section 115(2)(a) of the Companies Act of 2008, pp 106-147

 Simphiwe S Bidie 

For the purposes of protecting the rights and interests of shareholders, section 115(2)(a) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 is imperative and essential. The veracity of the section and its concomitant provisions are beginning to find their footing before South African courts. One of the occasions when the imperative...