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[LLRN] Ukraine

Published: 24 March 2022 | Written by IREL, The University of Lodz

In view of the war in Ukraine, which is taking place just across our (Polish) border, the European Union is preparing measures to help thousands of people fleeing death. In this regard, the European Commission proposes temporary protection for people fleeing war in Ukraine and guidelines for border checks. Since the beginning of the Russian military aggression, half a million Ukrainian citizens have already arrived in Poland - most of them will have nothing to return to, so immediate solutions are needed to facilitate not only their integration into the labour market, but also social protection. 

Apart from the Polish perspective, it is worth noting that masses of people are also fleeing to other EU countries.
Faced with this complex challenge, the European Commission tries to react as quickly as possible. 
The Polish Scientific Network of Labour Law and Social Security COOPERANTE encourages the LLRN Community to prepare entries for the scientific blog (available on our website) concerning issues related to the above mentioned problems, i.e: 
- solutions proposed by the EU in the field of labour law and social security; 
- description of national perspectives related to the forced migration of Ukrainian citizens and their situation on the labour market; 
- the impact of Russia's military aggression on global supply chains in the context of the labour market.
The studies (up to 1000 words) will be posted in English on our scientific blog.
The aim of the studies is to comment on the current factual and legal reality in order to develop measures that best serve to protect the rights of those who are affected by aggression. These reflections can then serve as a signpost for the preparation of the most optimal systemic legal solutions. 

Dr. Izabela Florczak

Dr. Marta Otto

Prof. Mirosław Włodarczyk

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