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Insiders, Outsiders and Conflicts of Interest

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Dukes, R. (2018). Insiders, Outsiders and Conflicts of Interest. Final draft of chapter accepted for publication in Ashiagbor, D. (ed.) Re-Imagining Labour Law for Development: Informal Work in the Global North and South. (Hart 2018).

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The chapter starts from the concept of political economy as the source of labour law’s purpose and content, but also as something which may be shaped by the law. It asserts the importance of the wider political economy to assessing the capacity of particular laws and institutions to contribute to the attainment of particular policy aims, such as job creation, economic security for workers and their dependants, and the reduction of wealth and income inequalities. Conversely, it argues that approaches which begin from an identification of labour market insiders and outsiders can oversimplify complex constellations of interests, motivations, strategies, allegiances and collusions.

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