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Crowdwork – a comparative law perspective

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Bernd Waas, Wilma B. Liebman, Andrew Lyubarsky and Katsutoshi Kezuka (2017). Crowdwork – a comparative law perspective. Bund-Verlag, Frankfurt

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Just a few years ago, crowdwork was virtually unheard of. That has changed. As if a synonym for the transformation of work in the digital age, crowdwork is a crucial element of today’s platform economy in which firms such as Uber, Alibaba, Facebook, Google and Airbnb operate. Crowdworkers work under very different arrangements, and each case presents a slightly different employment picture, some crowdworkers perhaps amounting to employees, others more like selfemployed contractors (and others somewhere in between). But because few crowdworkers currently enjoy social protections, this study also offers a broad variety of legislative options that could work to address such shortcomings within several legal systems.

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