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Cooperation in a changing world of work

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ILO (Undated). Cooperation in a changing world of work: Exploring the role of cooperatives in the future of work. International Labour Organization

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ILO - reports
The world of work is undergoing major processes of change. There are several forces transforming it, from the onward march of technology and the impact of climate change to the changing character of production and employment, to name a few. The report notes that in response, the cooperative enterprise model is seeing a renaissance around the world where cooperative employment involves at least 250 million people, and the largest 300 cooperatives across 25 countries had a turnover of 2.5 billion USD in 2015. Cooperatives exist in all sectors of the economy around the world, and while they are commercial organizations, they operate within a broader set of values and principles, not only aiming to generate profit. They have historically emerged out of the need to provide goods and services not accessible from the public sector and conventional businesses. As such needs expand and become increasingly complex, cooperatives fi nd more space to meet these needs, providing services while advancing livelihoods and creating jobs in the process.

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