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The impact of socio-legal inequality on women in the Nigerian domestic work sector, pp 48-83

Volume: Volume 26 - 2022

Article type: Refereed article

Author/s: Abigail Osiki

This article examines the impact of socio-legal inequality on the work conditions of female domestic workers in Nigeria. Domestic work is an important aspect of productive labour and an indispensable factor that contributes to the well-being of households and the economy. However, domestic workers face challenges that are multidimensional and gendered; they are often victims of physical and sexual abuse, and experience discrimination concerning pay, working conditions, and legal rights. These exploitations could be partly attributed to gaps in labour and social security regulations. Based on a survey conducted of 220 domestic workers from four geopolitical zones in Nigeria, this study provides a nuanced assessment of the manifestations of inequality in the domestic work sector. Although the working conditions of Nigerian domestic workers are objectionable and exploitative, this study finds that conditions of work for female domestic workers are even more precarious.

About the author/s

Abigail Osiki

Abigail’s research background is in working poverty, sustainable development and policy reform, with a specific interest in the informal economy in Sub-Saharan Africa. https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3074-1291

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