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The impact of development on the environment as part and parcel of integrated development planning?

Volume: Volume 11(2) - 2007

Article type: Refereed article

Author/s: Van Wyk, Jeannie

Jeannie Van Wyk argues that land use planning and environmental issues do not and cannot exist independently of one another. Many examples exist of proposed developments where both these issues were relevant in deciding whether or not to permit them.

In South Africa different statutes set out procedures to obtain permission to proceed with a proposed development. This results in uncertainty as to which procedures apply in a particular case. Given different sectoral statutes as well, the question arises whether it is not desirable to make an investigation into the impact of development on the environment part of the process of integrated development planning. Some of the statutes which regulate aspects of both development and the environment are examined, with the different procedures set out. The conclusion is that an integrated, holistic approach which harmonises all the planning processes and institutions is more desirable than the fragmented, sectoral approach that is largely being followed at present. Such an integrated approach could be part and parcel of integrated development planning.

About the author/s

Jeannie Van Wyk

Professor of Law, University of South Africa

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