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FORUM CONTRIBUTION: The growing informalisation of work: Challenges for labour

Volume: Special Issue 2007

Article type: Forum contribution

Author/s: Dicks, Rudi

Rudi Dicks discusses the South African phenomenon of 'informalisation' of the workforce, which is characterised by workers shifting from permanent employment to casualised and fixed-term contracts, outsourcing and employment through labour brokers.

These forms of employment are accompanied by, lack of job security, undermining of basic conditions of employment, erosion of workplace rights and decreasing access to skills and equity at work. The author considers the effects of the process and concludes by suggesting measures to provide legislative protection to vulnerable workers, including the establishment of a tripartite statutory body to regulate labour brokers; the development of a code of good practice for workers engaged in atypical employment contracts and improving monitoring and enforcement mechanisms through tougher penalties.

About the author/s

Rudi Dicks

Labour Market Policy Co-ordinator, Congress of South African Trade Unions

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