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FORUM CONTRIBUTION: Labor Law for the 21 st century: Stalled reform in the United States

Volume: Volume 1(1) - 1997

Article type: Forum contribution

Author/s: Klare, Karl E

This document by Karl Klare, an eminent labour law scholar and one of the originators of the critical legal studies tradition in the USA, is a slightly shortened version of his submission to the Dunlop Commission, appointed by President Clinton to investigate the future of management-labour relations in the USA. Critically reviewing the development of the US system of collective bargaining, Klare elaborates a more general analysis of the role of labour law at the close of the 20th century.

From a South African perspective, it highlights the advances in labour rights embodied in the LRA, but also helps to identify areas where further innovation may be called for. It offers a challenging framework for evaluating the debate surrounding the LRA and other labour statutes in this country.

About the author/s

Karl E Klare

Professor of Law, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

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