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FORUM CONTRIBUTION: Commentary on communications decided by the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights in 2004

Volume: Volume 11(2) - 2007

Article type: Forum contribution

Author/s: Kaguongo, Waraguru

Waruguru Kaguongo reports on issues arising from decisions handed down by the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights in 2004. A total of 12 communications were considered in that year, with seven communications being decided on the merits.

The article is divided into two main sections: issues implicit in the determination of admissibility, and those arising from consideration of the merits. On admissibility, the most often considered criterion was the requirement to exhaust local remedies. In determining compliance with this criterion, it is argued, the Commission displayed consistency with its previous jurisprudence. The exhaustion of local remedies, however, tended to take precedence over the other criteria and, it is suggested, the Commission failed to take the opportunity to further elaborate on the application of other criteria. In the relation to the merits, the author argues that the communications raised issue relating to evidence and the lack of consistency in how it affects decisions; the limitation of rights; the role of the Commission versus national jurisdictions; fair trial guarantees; interpretation of international treaties and the administrative capacity of the Commission and its effect on decisions

About the author/s

Waraguru Kaguongo

Researcher, Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria

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