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FORUM CONTRIBUTION: A summary of some recent cases of interest to the African continent

Volume: Volume 3(1) - 1999

Article type: Forum contribution

Author/s: Rugege, Sam

Sam Rugege discusses a few recent cases dealing with issues of African continental interest. These include the right of defence force members to join trade unions and to participate in protest action (South Africa); the right of the press to freedom of expression and the duty to inform the public on matters of public interest (Zimbabwe); the right of prisoners to vote in national elections (South Africa); the right of a citizen spouse to have her foreign spouse live permanently with her in her home country (Zimbabwe); the power of the National Assembly to suspend a member of the assembly and the right of a member to freedom of expression (South Africa); and succession rights in African kingdoms in the era of republican democracy (Uganda).

About the author/s

Sam Rugege

Associate Professor of Law, University of the Western Cape

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