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Editorial 2004 (1)

Volume: Volume 8(1) - 2004

Article type: Editorial

The articles in this special collection are selected from papers presented at an international colloquium held at the University of the Western Cape 13-15 August 2003, entitled 'The Aix-UWC Colloquium on the Regional Realisation of Socio-economic Rights: A European and Southern African Perspective". The colloquium represented the culmination of a joint research project between the Faculties of Law at UWC and Paul Cezanne University (Aix-Marseille III), France.

Most of the papers presented the protection of social rights in the context of economic globalisation and trade liberalisation. The challenges arising from these processes call for new approaches to regulation and international or regional responses in seeking to protect fundamental social rights, some of which are discussed in these articles.

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