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Editorial 2002 (2)

Volume: Volume 6(2) - 2002

Article type: Editorial

The Bill of Rights in South Africa's 1996 Constitution has been internationally lauded for its inclusion of an impressive array of justiciable socio-economic rights. 2002 was the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution.

This offered an important opportunity for reflection on the progress that has been made in realising these rights and the critical challenges that lie ahead. As a contribution to this process, the Socio-Economic Rights Project of the Community Law Centre (UWC) initiated a research project in June 200 I. This entailed inviting a team of researchers with acknowledged expertise in various aspects of socio-economic rights to write papers on a range of themes pertaining to the realisation of socio-economic rights in South Africa. The papers are published in the current issue and the following issue of LDD (vols 6(2) and 7(1)).

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