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Editorial 1997 (1)

Volume: Volume 1(1) - 1997

Article type: Editorial

The first issue of Law, Development & Democracy (LDD) is devoted to a subject that has been extensively debated over the last two years - the Labour Relations Act of 1995 (LRA). Is there anything to add to what has already been said? As this is our first issue, a word or two about the contribution we hope to make and the approach we intend to follow - both in relation to this Act, and in future issues - might be in order.

LDD is a legal journal, but not in the black-letter tradition. It sees law as a social process. Specifically, it sets out to examine the way in which law regulates. promotes or impedes the building of democracy and socioeconomic reconstruction in South Africa. And it seeks to do so critically - that is, in a spirit of testing existing knowledge, seeking to stimulate new insights and providing a forum for debate. It follows that LDD is neither a general law journal.

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