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Democratising the public service: Co-determination, workplace democratisation and transformation

Volume: Volume 2(1) - 1998

Article type: Refereed article

Author/s: Patel, Imraan

Imraan Patel examines the potential for co-determination in the public sector. Due to the structure and nature of decision-making in the public service, he suggests that workplace forums may not be the appropriate institutions for driving a process of democratisation.

Centralised bargaining on a broad agenda, in a context of centralised policy-making, is already taking place. With the devolution of administrative functions, however, appropriate structures of worker participation at lower levels will need to be created. But this should not compromise co-determination at the sectoral and national levels: and the agenda for co-determination, Patel argues, should be expanded from labour relations issues to include policy issues.

About the author/s

Imraan Patel

Director of research, Department of Public Service and Administration

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