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Towards fairness in the 'sharing economy'

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Du Toit, Darcy (2017). ‘Towards fairness in the “sharing economy”’. In Ahlberg, K & Bruun N (eds) The New Foundations of Labour Law. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang GmbH

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This book explores the challenges of globalisation and digitalisation to labour law and social security under three headings. The first, 'The changing foundations of labour law', focuses on the law itself. Here the authors discuss how a changing political setting influences the very foundations of contemporary labour law. The contributions in the second section, 'Precarious work – the new normative model?', deal with the challenges that various new business models put to regulating working life and social welfare. The contributions in the final section, 'New forms of labour mobility', treat the difficulties related to the protection of workers who move over borders between countries and continents. The book is a contribution to the ongoing debate on the future of labour law.
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Darcy du Toit

Darcy du Toit is an Emeritus Professor and former Dean of Law at the University of the Western Cape. https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8825-3376

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