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The right to strike in South Africa

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Du Toit, Darcy (2014). ‘The right to strike in South Africa’ . In Bernd Waas (ed) The Right to Strike – A Comparative View. Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International

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The right of workers to ‘strike’ – to refuse to work pending the outcome of employer-employee negotiations concerning specified demands – is legally recognized virtually worldwide. Yet national laws on strike action vary enormously, both in terms of the extent of state regulation and of specific procedural rules. The importance of strike law becomes obvious when taking the enormous economic and financial consequences of strikes into account. Considering how many people and businesses are affected by strike actions – particularly with the globalization of industry – the value of a comparative assessment of the right to strike becomes very clear. This book brings together 31 country chapters, each written by national experts on strike law. An introductory general chapter sheds light on similarities and outlines differences in the laws of the countries concerned. Because the strike law issues lawmakers, judges, and legal practitioners must address are similar no matter what the jurisdiction, it makes sense to look beyond borders to learn what solutions are being implemented in other countries. For this reason, the book is sure to prove highly useful in practice and policy contexts. As the first in-depth comparative analysis of a crucial part of labour law, it will also be indispensable to academics in the field.
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Darcy du Toit

Darcy du Toit is an Emeritus Professor and former Dean of Law at the University of the Western Cape. https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8825-3376

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