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Fairuz Mullagee  


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Bio in brief

Fairuz Mullagee is the coordinationar of the Social Law Project at the Faculty of Law at UWC. A Southern African Advanced Education Fellow, she has a B Phil in Social Research Methods from the University of Stellenbosch, an Honours in History from UWC, and a BA from the University of Cape Town. A knowledge management practitioner with a pro-poor approach to human development, her special interest is methodology and monitoring and evaluation for improving efficiency.

She has about twenty years of extensive research and management experience. Her work spans a broad field that includes policy design and analysis as well as implementation. Ms Mullagee’s key strength is her expertise, skill and ability to convert large volumes of data into useful knowledge through her system’s approach to data management.

She has worked with a number of government departments, parastatals and NPOs including UNESCO, Departments of Home Affairs, Education, Social Development, SA Local Government Association (SALGA), and the Constitutional Assembly. Her vast experience has provided her with great insight into many spheres of society and government from local to global level. It is this experience that enables her to craft innovative and sustainable solutions for a broad range of problems.

Her 10-year association with UWC has focused broadly promoting social justice for precarious workers, more specifically domestic workers. This work has resulted in numerous knowledge products in the domestic work sector, and a presence locally and internationally. She is currently a driving force in the Digital Platform Co-operative Project, a research and development initiative, to explore the use of technology for improving the collective bargaining environment for domestic workers.