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New Davids

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Researcher and Facilitator

University of Western Cape

Sedica Davids  


Research niche/s

Manager – Labour Law 4.0 niche |


Bio in brief

Sedica has focused on building pan African networks (Pan Africa ILGA and Coalition of African She holds a BA HDE (UCT) and postgraduate diplomas in management (Stellenbosch and Wits Business Schools) and a Diploma in Library Studies (UWC). Her contribution to society is in the form of community organizing, research, organizational development and transformation iLsbeians) for LGBTIQ+ human rights as well as strengthening south-south collaboration (ILGA Asia) through board training in good governance. She has consulted to the Transformation and EE Office at Wits University, developing a disability policy for staff and she developed a manual for training small scale farmers in the northern Cape in the elements of good governance (in Afrikaans) as commissioned by Conservation South Africa.

Sedica joined the Social Law Project at the University of the Western Cape as a researcher in June 2018 and her core responsibilities were resource mobilization, proposal writing and fundraising. Her role as researcher for the Social Law Project led to actively participating in the conceptualization of the digital platform cooperative project (DPCP) and to further engage high level networks nationally, regionally and internationally. In 2019 Sedica was contracted to mobilize resources for an emerging research centre.


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