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Who are ‘the people’ in the German Constitution? A critique of, and contribution to, the debate about the right of foreigners to vote in multi-level democracies, pgs 1-26

 Baumler, Jelena 

Democracy means power to the people, but it is not always clear who belongs to ‘the people’. The question has become pertinent in the age of migration where large groups of foreigners permanently reside outside their countries of nationality. The economic, cultural, and political integration of these foreigners is one...


Private regulation in the context of international sales contracts, pgs 27-53

 Coetzee, Juana 
 This article argues that modern international sales law has a hybrid character as it increasingly makes provision for interfaces between public and private, State and non-State, hard and soft , law. Although private forms of regulation are often associated with the lex mercatoria, this article shows that they rarely...


An empirical analysis of class actions in South Africa, pgs 54-85

 Broodryk, Theo 

As far as the author is aware, there has not been an empirical analysis of class actions in South Africa since the introduction of the mechanism by the interim Constitution of 1993 more than 25 years ago. There is no publicly available data which provides meaningful empirical insight into the...


Normative intersectionality in married women’s property rights in southern Nigeria, pgs 86-108

 Diala, Anthony C and Diala, Jane C 

The fate of marriage gifts during a customary law divorce is significant for the interaction of legal orders in sub-Saharan Africa, especially in the context of scholars’ fixation with conflict of laws. In analysing this fate, this article introduces normative intersectionality as a theoretical framework for a nuanced understanding of...


An analysis of the duty to reasonably accommodate disabled employees: a comment on Jansen v Legal Aid South Africa, pgs, 109-132

 Gresse, Estie and Mbao, Melvin LM 

Persons with disabilities are a historically marginalised minority, who have the capacity to make a valuable contribution in the workplace. Recent case law suggests that the duty to reasonably accommodate disabled employees remains a conundrum for employers in South Africa. In Jansen v Legal Aid South Africa (C678/14) [2018] ZALCCT...


Sustainable development and international economic law in Africa, pgs 133-157

 Khumalo, Thabo Fiona 

Sustainable development has been advocated by the developed world as a means to ensure that the most widely beneficial type of development occurs. This has resulted in a body of rules, which though well intended, does not adequately address the developmental needs of developing countries. It has become a source...


Shifting consciousness and challenging power: Women activists and the provision of HIV/AIDS services, pgs 158-176

 Mottiar, Shauna and Dubula, Vuyiseka 

In 2003, the South African government shifted AIDS policy, making HIV treatment available in the public healthcare sector. The antiretroviral roll-out, while hailed as a success, has required continued activism to ensure genuine implementation. Women, particularly the poor, traditionally bear the brunt of the impact of HIV/AIDS socially and economically...




FORUM CONTRIBUTION: Understanding, protecting, promoting and entrenching the rule of law: What individuals, constitutional institutions, state entities and civil society must do, pgs 1-26

 Justice Mahomed Solomon Navsa 

The gains of the struggle against apartheid must be consolidated through the establishment of the rule of law: this was the central message in Justice Navsa’s address as speaker at the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture, delivered at UWC Faculty of Law on 24 October 2019. In an age where the Constitution...