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Democracy, good governance, human rights and socio-economic development are critical matters for South Africa and Africa as a whole. Our aim is to provide a forum where scholars, practitioners and policy-makers can debate the issues surrounding them and, in doing so, contribute to shared knowledge and insight.

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eThekwini’s discriminatory by-laws: Criminalising homelessness, pgs 468-511

Written by Holness, Willene

The eThekwini Municipality’s Nuisances and Behaviour in Public Places By-Laws of 2015, and the Beaches By-Laws of 2015, seek to regulate and prohibit some of the life-sustaining activities of homeless persons in the city through petty offences. The article considers whether these measures indirectly discriminate against homeless persons, disprop...


Understanding, protecting, promoting and entrenching rule of law: What individuals, constitutional institutions, state entities and civil society must do

Written by Justice Mahomed Solomon Navsa

The gains of the struggle against apartheid must be consolidated through the establishment of the rule of law: this was the central message in Justice Navsa’s address as speaker at the Dean’s Distinguished Lecture, delivered at UWC Faculty of Law on 24 October 2019. In an age where the Constitution is under attack from many sides, Justice Navsa emphasised the importance of fulfilling the promises of that Constitution, not only by government and public officials, but by each citizen...

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